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Our services:

As you can see we are able to cover a wide range of services helping you to keep any tree on your property looking at their best and most importantly safe. 

With every job we undertake we make sure every requirement is met, we are happy to alter discussed arrangements on the day to meet your needs and always guarantee to leave your property clean and tidy!

 Felling ~ Tree Felling is the removal of the whole tree. We are able to undertake the complete removal of a tree no matter how big or small!

 Crown Raising and Lifting ~ This is when low branches in the tree's canopy are removed to let more light through or removed to increase clearance between the tree and a required area

 Crown Reduction and Shaping ~ This is done to reduce the height or the width of the tree and in most cases still maintaining the tree's natural shape. 

 Crown Thinning ~ The tree's natural shape is maintained but the volume of the canopy is reduced. Thinning allows more light into the canopy making the tree healthier and to improve natural regrowth. This is normally carried out by removing damaged, diseased or crowded branches

 Crown Clearing ~ This involves removing damaged or diseased branches, dead wood, climbing plants and general tree litter making the tree safe

 Pollarding ~ This is carried out for height maintenance. The upper branches and canopy of the tree is removed so only the main body of the tree is left. This can not be undertaken on all tree's, if you require this service please call us for advice

Stump Grinding ~ This is done to remove the stump of a felled tree. The process is carried out by using a grinding machine to remove the stump below the ground level. This allows the area to be used for planting or turfing

 Logs ~ We supply fantastic natural seasoned hard wood logs which are great for fires and log burners. Please call us for a price!

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